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This blog is meant as an educational resource for people who just have started to realize all is not as it seems in our world. It is not meant for more advanced studies, but will as it grows point to were more knowledge can be obtained.

I have a blog in Swedish aimed at providing material in Swedish for those that are not fluent in English. Most of the material here are translations of the most popular articles from that blog, adapted to South Africa. The translation is a joint effort between myself and Google, as I did not want to spend the time and effort of writing everything again from scratch. Please excuse if the choice of words is not always perfect.

Although this is aimed at the people of South Africa, these principles are pretty much applicable all over the world - especially the western or English speaking part.

There is a lot of material available in English on the subject of freedom from government interference, Natural Rights, individual sovereignty, free man on the land, common law, commercial redemption, etc. but I sometimes struggle to find things that say what I would say or how I would say it, so therefore this blog.

We are all different, and what speaks to one does not communicate to another. So I hope this sheds some light on the subject for some.

The main point I am trying to get across is that since we are a part of the life of this planet, surely the same basic principles apply to us as to other life here. No animal is born a slave. No animal or plant has to obey other rules than the laws of Nature. No animal is forbidden to travel where it is able to go. No animal is required to pay to live on this Earth. All is as it was created or shaped. All life contributes one way or another to the life around it and is part of the whole.

Thus Man (man: a member of mankind, no matter what sex or age) is born free with certain natural rights that cannot be taken away from him, without his express consent.

Today most people find themselves in a situation where they do not have many of these rights and are ruled by other people, just like themselves, who have assumed the role of rulers without really having gained the genuine consent of the individual, but instead given him an extremely limited choice in how to live his life and conduct his affairs.

This has been orchestrated over a long period, by a very clever and equally non-empathetic elite group of people, such as royal families, finance dynasties and certain other groups. They are very few in numbers, and control the masses through a hierarchy of minions who in turn controls most media, education, military resources, law and law enforcement, "health care", trade, etc.

They have, it appears, wilfully mislead, misinformed, miseducated the general populace, who in turn has been negligent in asserting its rights, learning for itself, questioning the way things are and been more interested in sports, gossip, fashion, parties, politics and other meaningless stuff, than learning the basic composition of the society they live in and how they can assert their natural or God given freedoms and rights.

I hope this blog can do a small part in putting this imbalance right.

Please be aware that I am not all knowing, and may have got things wrong. So always apply critical thinking and logic to all you read here. Only when you have verified or investigated for yourself will you know if something is true or not.



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