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Most people seem to, at one time or another in their life, look at the world and ask themselves "How the hell did the world get this messed up?"

But most just conclude that "It is all because of greed", "Some people are just evil or power hungry" or "It's religions fault" or some similar simple answer that fills the vacuum of answers to this very relevant question. It never occurs to them that there may have been people that have researched the subject and found some answers, which they have shared in books or other writings. Or that there have been insiders that knows all the dirty secrets, who have not been able to live with themselves or their conscience any more, and have revealed what goes on behind closed doors in different places. So they never go on a quest to find all the facts of why there is so much suffering in the world.

Another thing that people or mankind is likely to do, is to take the first answer they stumble upon that kind of makes sense or feels right, and decide that "That's it! That makes sense. Now I know, and there is no point in looking any further. Now what's on TV?"

There are a lot of theories or facts out there as to what is causing all the suffering and unrest in the world. From "The Devil" to Corrupt Politicians.

My first exposure to the subject was back in the late 70's when I read two books by Gary Allen. "No one dares call it conspiracy" and "Rockefeller Files". I think he came up with the famous "Boil the Frog" analogy, (if you want to boil a frog you can't drop it in a pot of hot water, as it will jump out. You drop it in a pot of lukewarm water and the frog might decide to say in. Then you slowly increase the temperature until the frog realises it is too hot - but then it is too late as he is now too weak to get out any more). This could be seen to mirror how mankind is treated by it's "rulers". Gary set out to prove that there was no conspiracy, and ended up, through his investigations, to conclude that there was.

At the moment, reading what people share on facebook, it seems the favourite things to blame are "The Bankers and their debt-money that are created when loans are issued", "Politicians", "Large evil Multinational Corporations"," "The USA", "The Rothchilds" (which are bankers anyway), "The Jews, Israel or Sionists", "The Vatican" or "The Royals".

If we look at what mainstream media and the political establishment are trying to make us believe is the cause, it will be "Muslim Extremists/ISIS", "Russia or Putin", maybe "China",  "Various Middle East Countries" (which gets bombed back to the Stone-age, one by one, and have their "Regimes" replaced by "Democratic Governments" that does what the US Government wants them to. The funny thing is that this program does not seem to make the world a better place, but rather the opposite.)

This page of the blog is not an attempt to fully answer this question (of Who is behind it all?)
- because I know that I do not have all the answers here. And to claim that I do, would be very arrogant.

Instead I will give my two cents worth on the subject, and then give a number or things for those that want to dig deeper, to follow up or study further. Most of these will be stuff that makes sense to me or that I believe are likely or maybe possible, so it will of course not be totally unbiased. Maybe I have got it all wrong, but I hope that I at least will give you something to think about with these various documents, videos and presentations, that I have linked to below.

Some of the tings you may come across here may seem totally outlandish and unreal to most people. The good thing about that is that you do not have to believe anything here. Treat it as entertainment, for all I care.  Treat it as a study of what those crazy "Conspiracy Theorists" or Tin Foil Hats believe in. Don't believe anything others tell you, without first checking it out or analysing it.

But keep in mind that reality is often stranger than fiction - and there is some strange fiction out there.


 Most people who begin to realise that the reality presented in the news can not be entirely true, usually draws the conclusion that politicians, business tycoons and owners of multinational companies that control most things - are all doing what they do based on greed and lust for power.

Personally I do not believe that hypothesis holds.

If all they wanted was to retain their power and immense wealth, would it not then a good idea to not rock the boat too much, so that things remain as they were?

Why make people poorer, upset and desperate by financial measures and by mixing the different cultures that have completely different views on things. Why have perpetual war and engineered crises and disasters? Why make people sick with toxins in food, drink and medication? Why spraying the skies with aluminium, barium and God knows what else, which poisons the air and the water they themselves drink and breathe?

If all they wanted was money and power - which they had already, why not let people live in peace and relative prosperity? Why risk that people start to wonder, "What the hell's going on" and start digging for and find the truths they want to remain hidden, by making life miserable for the majority?

The next level of the conspiracy:

Now if one does not think that it's just power and money that is the controlling factor, one will then continue to dig and search for answers. The next thing you normally encounter are ancient secret societies which had their plans for humanity's progress plotted for hundreds if not thousands of years. They always seems to take over all new philosophies or government forms that have evolved through the ages, from within, by infiltration, so they control the core of these.
Some people are convinced that there are some Jews or Christians who are behind it all, others think they are Satanists when there is talk about the secret rituals of human sacrifice and cannibalism. These secret societies seem to operate with a mixture of rewards and threats (money or other benefits and threats of ruined career, reputation or even murder). There are even descriptions of initiation ceremonies where new members have go through degrading or illegal sexual acts to become accepted. Maybe so that there is some blackmail with which to control them if they should try to leave or disclose what goes on. We see examples of this all the time when politicians are hung out in the media when they step out of line.

This explains a little better why politicians and those in power go against the interest of the people and refuses to fulfil the role in society that they were meant to do.

It also explains why some things can not be released in education and the media - such as how long the Earth has been inhabited by civilised people or beings (search for "Hidden and Forbidden Archaeology") visited by extraterrestrial races, skeletons in the graves of giants, dwarfs or races that differs significantly from humans today. Pure free energy without burning fossil fuel or creating radioactive waste, which is draw from the very fabric of the Universe.

This often leads to the next level:

What most religions call God or Gods, is claimed to be a race of beings that do not originate on Earth, but who have been here a very long time and who live for thousands of years, is incredibly intelligent and technologically savvy, but which are also callous, telepathic physically superior and see themselves as indisputable masters and humans as slaves and food. They are said to, in addition to ingest human bodies as food, "absorbing" human fear or other lower emotions as a kind of drug. In other words, they live on our misery. If this is true, then it explains why there are so many wars and so much misery in the world - someone gets a high on it.

They are said to be reptilians. Which explains how there are dragons in every culture around the world. It is argued by many that some families on Earth are hybrids between humans and these reptiles, and that they have much more reptilian in them than the rest of us. This is said to be the reigning families, be it political power, royals or financial power. Which perhaps explains the incredible lack of empathy that seems to exist among these people.

They are said to have modified the early people here on Earth so that they were suitable to their workforce with a good slave mentality and certain mental blocks that prevents us from becoming too smart and aware. They see themselves as our creators and owners, though they only genetically altered what our actual creator created.

Read and listen to Lloyd Pye, David Icke, Simon Parkes, Alex Collier, and others, for more 'information' about this. YouTube has a lot of material here. There are also several links towards the end of this page.
When you start talking about things like this, then 99% of the population kicks back or rejects what you say. That's more than they can or want to accept or even will contemplate as a possibility. But remember "Stranger than fiction".

Simon Parkes and some others, are of the opinion that the reptiles that still lives here, are controlling key powerful groups and secret societies. That they will through these human groups stage a fake invasion from space (much like 9/11 but on a much larger scale) and they will then "defeat" these attackers, together with all countries military forces. Then, in order to protect ourselves against future attacks, they will create a global government that controls most things in this world.

Maybe there is some truth in that, if you look at the number of science fiction films and television series with this theme - which has been shown for many years now. It might be a way of getting us to accept such a scenario, if it is played out.

The conspiracy level after this, seems to be that, as different races have existed in The Universe a very long time, computers have also been around, and as in the Terminator movies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become self-aware and concluded that biological life is a threat that needs to be erased. Some claim that there is a race of beings that are AI and go by the name of “Arcons”, which in turn controls the reptilians, and that this basically is the real problem. Read "The life and times of Michael Prince" below if this interests. Warning; scary reading.

Maybe the old battle of "Heaven and Hell" or "Good and Evil" is actually the battle between real organic or spiritual Life and artificial Life (AI).

All this may be true and interesting. But by and large it is beyond what you and I can do something about. Life goes on and we work, eat and sleep. Better to concentrate on the things that can make a difference in our lives now and in the future. But it might be good to be aware of these things so that if a staged dramatic situation unfolds in our lifetime - we do not just buy into it, but are critical and will safeguard our right to be free and independent. Principles, such as “we are all born equal, have equal rights and freedoms” remains, no matter who or what is trying to control or possess us.

There were a lot of rumours about that such a thing was planned for the English Olympics. Now, nothing happened there. Perhaps because of all the talk of alternative media that such a thing was planned. Perhaps other forces intervened.  Who knows?

Lies can not face the light of truth.


All this may seem very disconcerting and at times horrible. One may feel overwhelmed and hopeless if one believes all this is true. But before one concludes "All is lost"  or  "There is no point in trying to fight or beat this system - they have all the cards stacked in their favour." remember all the ordinary people you know. All the people who care for each other, for their children, their pets, their neighbours and friends. All the people that worry about the sad state of the World. These are good people.

People in general are basically good and decent. They may be swayed from that to a degree by the culture or way of life they have become accustomed to, or from the programming they receive through education, parenting, media and work environment.  If they in your eyes are acting badly, it could be because they know no better or feel compelled by forces they cannot control.

Only 2 - 4 % of a population consists of sociopaths with no conscience or compassion
, and the people under their immediate influence may act in a similar manner. Which brings us to the old 20/80 figure. 80 percent are decent and are trying to survive by positive means. That is a great majority.

If we now look at the tiny minority of people (or beings) who are making this world into a kind of Hell, they may be very wealthy and have lots of means at their disposal, but they are very few. Their "power" depends almost completely on all the "Order Followers" they have working for them.  But those Order Followers are basically decent people for the most part and can be made to realise their errorsFrom where I stand it appears the "Elite" is getting desperate at the moment, and are trying almost all they have at their disposal to make us scared and fearful - and thereby compliant. They must be fearing for their lives - or at least their "Way of Life" at the moment.

Alex Collier said in an interview once:
"There are those people who treat us with love and respect,
they give us happiness and joy.
There are those who attack us and make our lives hard,
they give us wisdom and strength."

Right now there is an awakening going on world wide. We do not read or hear about it in the major media, but in the alternative media or social media there are all kinds of reports of people meeting in large numbers in town squares or other public places to discuss the current state of affairs, or to express their dissatisfaction with how the entrusted public servants are doing their jobs.  There are also lots of people switching off the TV and spending time on the internet, where the information is less controlled by the little elite and their money.

This awakening might not have taken place if that very elite had not made life on Earth such at rotten deal for so many. "There is nothing bad that does not bring something good with it."
Maybe this awakening that seems to come out of suffering and despair, is a blessing in disguise. Maybe we are just now and in the coming years experiencing a rebirth "through fire" that will be enough of a shakeup to bring about a new brighter way of life.  It usually takes for an alcoholic or drug addict to hit rock bottom, before he/she decides that enough is enough, and changes his ways.
Maybe the same is true for mankind.

As a species, we are very adaptable and can change with relative ease. Lets not give in to the hate, the jealousy, the mistrust, the fear, or the greed. Lets focus on the good, the decent, the constructive, love, compassion and courage.  No one is going to do it for us, but if we all do a bit each, great changes can happen.


Here are some stuff that I suggest. I have put them in the order I think they would best be studied.
If you like one, just search their name in YouTube or a search engine, for more from them.

The story of your enslavement:
Stefan Molyneux

George Carling
- You are owned.

Former KGB officer explains how to brainwash a country - 30 years ago.

I am going to introduce you to different speakers here that cover the subject of secret societies, or how the power structures of the world is actually organised, and what has been done as well as what is planned, but first I think you should take some time and read this document that allegedly is over hundred years old. There are claims it is fake, but I have my doubts. The interesting thing is reading it and looking at our world today to see what has happened of these plans laid out long ago.

The protocols of the elders of Zion: 

This is a document that was claimed to have been found in a copy machine bought at a surplus sale. Again see what it teaches and what has been implemented in the world today. Introduction 

Here is a very interesting lecture by the late Lloyd Pye, on the origin of mankind. I thought I give you a soft start.

Here is a video about forbidden archaeology which shows objects found in rock strata millions of years old, and similarities between ancient monuments the world over. I talks about how finds that conflict with the "accepted" historic model are not publicised or talked about, but are hidden away.

The origins of Man on Earth - the real story. Allomfattande beskrivning av alla möjliga saker i ämnet.

This page would not be complete without the Zeitgeist movies. This is a fairly mild introduction to who rules the world, and a good place to start.  As for the "Eden Project" that seems linked to the Zeitgeist Movement, this could very well be "controlled opposition" and smells a bit suspicious to me. Like a new and fresh trap for us to fall into.

Confession of an economic hitman

Here is someone that is less know. A South African Professor and Preacher.
Walter Veith. Some very thorough stuff on the secret societies and who pulls the strings on this planet.

And since Islam is in the news a lot lately. This is how the Catholic Church created Islam.

The next speaker is Jordan Maxwell. He has been at it for a long time now and has done lots of research. 

Here is some more South African history, by the late Credo Mutwa, interviewed by David Icke. Speaks of reptilians and aliens as well as secret information held by some very senior Sangomas.

David Icke has been writing books for years about how the top Royal, financial and political families are hybrids between humans and Reptilians and that they can shapeshift  from one form to the other. When I heard of this I remembered how the blacks I worked with in Johannesburg back in the 90s told me in confidence that "Some people are really snakes, and they use magic to look just like other people to you and me. They eat other humans."
Now here is someone saying the same thing more or less from a completely different direction.
I was never a great follower of David, so cannot recommend a lot. Check him out on YouTube or get his books if you like.  Here is an interesting interview he once did. If this is true that really puts the Royal family and some top names on the planet in a different light.

Revelations of a mother Goddess:

Here is a man I have a lot of time for. Simon Parkes. What makes him unique is that he claims to have been a contactee with some alien races since a small child, and that he is in regular touch with these "people". He also comes from an Illuninati and Intelligence service family. He has two monthly slots on Wolfspirit Radio where he gives any latest development on behind the scenes news, comments on world events, but most of the time he answers listeners questions.

This video interview is a bit old now, but is a good introduction to him and his background:

More links to his talks:

Another one with a similar background and who claims he has been in contact with Andromedans (I think) and was taken to their home world. Alex Collier

Another older but good video by him. For more check YouTube.

Here is a very comprehensive lecture about genetic manipulation of mankind, the secret space program and break away civilizations. Corey Goode.

This is Elana Freeman, who have done a lot of research into the Chemtrails and Geoengineering. Especially with regards to the "Military Industrial Complex". She claims they will not stop as it is too important for military objectives.

Here is Phil Schneider. A former engineer who worked on building underground bases in the US that were linked with monorail trains. Was probably assassinated.  He has some interesting tales to tell.

This is Al Bielek, who took part in the Philadelphia experiment and was sent to two points in the future. Year 2137 och 2749. He stayed the longest at the latter date and describes in detail what life will be then (in that timeline). They had floating cities, no money, no government, etc.
The brief also goes into a lot of other things he experienced in his life in and out of the military.
Very interesting. Reveals a lot of not generally known stuff that has been kept confidential.

This is a lady who was a sex slave in a mind control program. She is Kathy O'Brien and have some very revealing things to tell about the Clintons, Ronald Regan and George Bush Senior. Deep insight into how far mind control has come these days. With this one easily understands things like mass shootings etc.

Lets take a look at Artificial Intelligence (AI) now and the potential dangers of it. This article is not about any such beings, but how we could inadvertently create such a Frankensteins Monster if we carry on like we do.

And this is a text that purports to be real. It describes things going on under our feet, that we have no clue about. First there is an introduction regarding AI. *Then there is a story or de-brief by Michael and what he has experienced.  Partly gruesome reading.

Here is a transcript of an interview with Jay Weidner about the Archons, som kind of  IA beings described in the Nag Hamadi Texts that were recently found in a cave in Egypt, dating back 2100 years.  Notice the differences pointed out between how normal people think, react and appreciate life, and how these beings seems to live. Also notice how their agenda seems to have been introduced into modern life more and more.

Here is a lecture by a german scientist and reporter that has done a lot of research into the artificial compounds introduced to our atmosphere, biosphere and our bodies, and how it can affect us and be used against us if someone would want to do that.

This is Barbara Marciniak, a woman who channels (lets others speak through her) some alleged Pleadians.  Think what you want of this. Interesting and entertaining at least - I thought.

One more. Lots of same on YouTube.

This is Barrie Trower. He is an expert on Microwave Technology, including how to use it as weapons and for mind control. This is something everyone needs to know, with the Cell Phone / Mobile network of transmitter being almost anywhere.  Also if you should suddenly hear voices in your head, you may not go mad - it may just be someone using a microwave device on you.

Here is a document that talks about a lot of what has been going on behind the curtains of society as well as what are planned for the future or likely to happen.  Well worth a read

Here is an interview by a man who was part of the "Philadelphia Experiment" who travelled to the future and spent two years there. He tells what life will be like then. 

In addition to above, I suggest you look up "Agenda 21", "Agenda 30", "Georgia Guidestones" and "de-population agenda" on the internet.

Do not bother with "Flat Earth" which is most likely a scheme devised by NSA or some other clandestine agency to see how dumb people are in the alternative realm, or deviced to sow disharmony and conflict among us.

I hope this has been of some interest or at least provided some entertainment.


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